Thank you for your interest in Amplify Plugins. We have a few guidelines for those who wish to use our brand assets. Please take a look at these requirements before using them.


If you would like to download all of our brand logo files, please use the button below to download the ZIP file.

Or, you can download files for each individual brand using the buttons below.

The logo files include black text, white text, and colorized versions.

Use the black text version on lighter colored backgrounds where a monochrome effect is desired.

Use the white text version on darker colored backgrounds where a monochrome effect is desired.

Use the colored version in all other scenarios.


These are the colors that all Amplify Plugins products use in their logos, website, social media, and elsewhere. Please copy the HEX codes below.





The following fonts are used in Amplify Plugins logos in a modified format, as well as throughout our websites.

All fonts are available through Google Fonts.

Poppins Bold


Bitter Regular



All Amplify Plugins brand logos are protected under intellectual property laws.

Please do not:

  • Use the graphics in a way that implies that you, your product, service, or business is affiliated with, endorsed by, or related to Amplify Plugins.
  • Use the graphics as part of your business' branding.
  • Alter the graphics or combine them with other graphics without written permission from Amplify Plugins, LLC.

If you are unsure whether or not your use of our logos or other brand assets is permissible, please contact us.