About Amplify Plugins

Amplify Plugins is focused on solving your business needs. Whether you’re selling online, upgrading your privacy to meet GDPR standards, or so much more, we have a WordPress plugin that can help. Each plugin is backed by a proven testing record and written with current coding standards to provide a stable tool that makes it a little bit easier to run your business.

Founded by an accountant and army veteran, Scott DeLuzio, Amplify Plugins is the tangible output of combining 18 years experience of internet development with 6 years spent in the business and finance industry. Add to that the precision and attention to detail necessary to be a soldier and you’ll find a collection of plugins you can rely on.

Our Story

Since the beginning, our goal was to use our business experience and knowledge to help our customer's work more efficiently.


First Open Source Plugins Released

First plugins added to WordPress.org repository included Shortcode Lister, Login Logo Editor, AdSense In-Post Ads, and Review Disclaimer.


First Commercial Plugin Released

Conditional Checkout Fields was introduced as a premium plugin.

New Open Source Plugins Released

Debug Info, Unused Shortcodes, and a lite version of Conditional Checkout Fields were added to the WordPress.org repository.


New Development

Needing a system to keep business contacts organized, founder Scott DeLuzio developed WP-CRM System as an alternative to expensive CRM's that were on the market.


Freemium Add-Ons

After introducing WP-CRM System, a number of new features were requested by users. The freemium add-on model was opened up to sell paid add-ons for WP-CRM System.



Previously the company was mainly focused on website design work. In 2017, development, sales, and support of plugins became the company's sole focus.

WP1099 was developed to address a need in affiliate and multi-vendor marketplace site owners for quickly and easily generating 1099-MISC tax form reports from the respective plugins.


Growth & Community

First WordCamp sponsorship (Phoenix).

Full Screen Background Images was acquired from Pippin Williamson, and Quick Checkout was acquired from Impress.org.

Privacy WP was developed to fill in some of the compliance gaps that WordPress left when GDPR was introduced.



Privacy WP was sold to Van Ons.

Several new WooCommerce extensions including Auto Update Cart, Conditional Free Product, Disable Shipping Methods When Free Shipping Is Available, and Restrict Purchases By Country were developed.


New Opportunities

WP-CRM System sold to DevriX.

Two plugins added to WooCommerce marketplace - Auto Update Cart and Product Condition for WooCommerce.